And the breakthrough!

Well I can say with incredible enthusiasm that after three years of my struggle, I am now medication free!! I came to the realization the other day that I’m no longer taking any… Continue reading

And the haitus…

Remember when I said I don’t handle stress very well? That hasn’t really changed. This summer I started a new journey in the big city of Toronto, which is when I started my… Continue reading

And the relief

My decision to see a naturopath was easily the best decision I ever made. I had completely run out of any other options so I was relieved to find a practitioner at the… Continue reading

And the fresh start, sort of…

Something that’s important for me to mention here is that throughout this whole thing, the guy I started dating when it all began stuck with me despite all the drama in my life… Continue reading

…And the drama

So in the middle of second year, the problem had increased significantly and I started losing weight, you know, due to the whole can’t keep any food down. Now to any normal person,… Continue reading

And the new lifestyle

Your first year of university is meant to be a pretty great experience. The new school, the new friends, the new life – everyone tells you it’s the best time of your life.… Continue reading

Where It All Began

Well, it all started in the summer of 2010, and boy was I caught off guard! I had just completed what I thought was the craziest whirl wind of an adventure – first… Continue reading